• Nitika Mehra

Poetry Journal - 1

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Everywhere I wander

It's as though I'm split in two,

That there is half of me that lives,

The other watching while I do.

And no matter where I am

I'm only even there in part,

How can there be two lives

Inside one body and one heart ?

I'm here but always elsewhere,

A piece of me has raced ahead,

Half with eyes turned to the sky

And half that's watching where I tread.

Until I'm mourning losing moments

That I've not even seen end,

Practicing goodbye

On those I'm yet to call a friend.

And I'm left holding the question

Of which half is really me,

What if one is who I am,

The other who I hope to be ?

But I just chase myself in circles

Trying to live as part of each,

What if I've placed all of my worth

Inside a half I'll never reach ?

- Erin Hanson 2016


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